Partners Shopping Card

October 20-29, 2017

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Partners Shopping Card.

Pre-Sale will begin August 7th, complete the form below to purchase  your card(s) now.

Please visit our website at for underwriting and sponsorship opportunities.

The Partners Shopping Card formula is simple!

Here's how it works:

  • Purchase a Partners Shopping Card for $50.
  • Sponsors underwrite all administrative and production costs for its promotion.
  • Participating merchants offer a generous 20% discount to cardholders for the 10-day shopping period.
  • Learn more about the Partners Shopping Card program.


 Every $50 spent to purchase a card goes towards research to prevent or cure cancer at 

the UT Health Cancer Center. 


Partners Shopping Card
$ 50.00
$ 100.00
$ 150.00
$ 200.00
$ 250.00
$ 300.00
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